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Waterproof Inkjet Film for Screen Printing


A fast drying “waterproof type” film that satisfies the needs of the most demanding silkscreen printer, at a surprisingly affordable price. Its UV densities easily match those of silver films. Works great with either pigment or dye-based ink. As always, product satisfaction is guaranteed!


Always use high resolution images for best results.


1440dpi for line images, lower is ok for halftone work
Make sure you have the film loaded correctly.
Be sure that the coated side will be face-up under the print head




Always print at the highest resolution you can.
This will often be determined by how fast you want the film to image.
The higher the resolution the slower the image speed.

Ink Density
Adjust the amount of ink to ensure maximum density while still drying

Drying time
In most cases the ink will be touch dry as the film comes out of the printer

Dry Emulsion
Ensure that your emulsion has fully dried before attempting to expose
The image on the film will be damaged if the emulsion is still wet or tacky

Film Storage
To re-use the film it is best stored with clean paper between each sheet of film
Store in a dry environment

Sizes and Product Codes

100 Sheets Packs

Catalog  # Size
AWP8511 8.5" x 11"
AWP8514 8.5" x 14"
AWP8117 11" x 17"
AWP8318 13" x 18"
AWP8319 13" x 19"
AWP8722 17" x 22"

100 foot Rolls

Catalog  # Size
AWP13 13" x 100'
AWP17 17" x 100'
AWP24 24" x 100'
AWP36 36" x 100'
AWP44 44" x 100'
AWP54 54" x 100'