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Quality films processed through a laser printer or copier.


A premium 4 mil polyester film that is imaged directly by a laser printer or photocopier for the production of positives or negatives films used in all screen printing applications.

Acorn Laser Film provides high contrast fine detail images, excellent storage properties and can be used over and over again without showing any wear.

It is priced to leave the competition far behind.

Sold in boxes of 100 sheets.


Laser Film Sizes and Catalog Numbers:


Catalog  # Size
ALF8511 8.5" x 11"
ALF8514 8.5" x 14"
ALF8117 11" x 17"
ALF8218 12" x 18"
ALF8220 12" x 20"
ALF8385 13" x 18.5"
ALF8319 13" x 19"
ALF8325 13" x 25"
ALF8335 13" x 35.5"