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Genie 5000 Laser Plates

Genie brand polyester laser plates represent the world standard for quality. Combined with DAA’s technical support, computer-to-plate technology is easily available to printers even with modest budgets. In addition to the time and cost savings, Genie brand polyester laser plates eliminate the need for processing chemicals and the related pollution control and disposal issues.

Premium quality 4.7 mil double side coated polyester plates with possible run lengths of 10,000 impressions without stretch. Designed to work best with HP5000/5100 laser printers.  Packaged 100 plates per box.

Polyester Laser PLate Cleaner

Use after the plate is processed through the laser printer. Completely cleans the plate without harming the print image.

Genie Plate Reinforcement Strips

Adhesive backed aluminum reinforcements for use in preventing stretch when plates are pin bar punched. Allows for true registration during color print process.

Genie Correction Pens

Image (toner) remover pens for use on polyester laser plates.

Genie Universal Pink Fount Solution

A non-hazardous, premium all purpose fountain solution concentrate. It is excellent for use with direct image masters (Polyester & Paper Laser Plates). It may also be used with other types of plates; metal polyester or paper.

James Burn Plate Punch

Premium Quality 12.5" Pin Bar Plate Punch